1. What's the refund policy?

We hate to put on our mafia boss hats, but to be clear, here's how it works:

All bookings for our copywriting or consulting services are happily 100% refundable for any reason up to 7 days before the date service is scheduled to begin. However, any services canceled within 7 days will be charged a $500 kill fee, with the remaining balance refunded to customer.

Sales of digital products downloadable upon confirmation of purchase are final.

All live online workshops, courses & trainings being given during a specific time period are eligible for refunds for up to 7 days following the first day of class, and after that time period has passed, no refunds will be given.

If you’d like to cancel a monthly subscription you have with us, you can do so any time, and you will not be charged effective the following month. Current payments for that month are ours to keep, okay?

To request a refund, please email: jessica@houseofmoxieinc.com

Easy peasy. Let's salsa dance.


2. Is there a payment plan? 

There is not a current payment plan available through us, but VISA will totally hook you up on the down low. (Just kidding. There's nothing down-low about their payment plans, but we wanted to feel like L.L. Cool J. for a second.) 


3. I have another question; how can I contact you? 

Email sayhello@houseofmoxieinc.com and we'll have you taken care of in a flash! But literally. A flash.




1. What the heck is this?

Love, Business Owner is an intelligent, web-based language tool  containing over 200+ searchable scripts and business scenario coaching to help you get through any & every uncomfortable business situation...gracefully. Auto-populate poise straight to your inbox. Discuss industry-specific snafus in the peer-to-peer forum. Know exactly what to say exactly when you need to say it. And never be left stuttering for that perfect statement again


2. How does it work? 

Once you purchase, you'll receive your order confirmation and a unique log in to access your user portal where you can update your profile, head straight to the script collections, or get actionable advice in the forums. 


3. I need a script that's not included. What now?

We're adding to the script collections all the time, but that shouldn't stop you from popping into the peer-to-peer forum to see what other's are saying, or sending us an email at holler@lovebusinessowner.com for future script requests. (And don't worry--there's even a script for that. Wink.) 


4. Can I pay in installments?

Currently, we don't offer an installment plan.


5. I have another question that's not answered here. 

No problemo! Send us an email at holler@lovebusinessowner.com, and we'll be with you faster than a speeding bullet. (Assuming speeding bullets sometimes take up to 24 hours.)  




1. Is this for me? 

This is for two groups of people, specifically. The first group is anyone who's been feeling disillusioned, uncertain about their career, and contemplating new ways to make a living without giving up their life. This group may or may not still be working in a traditional job setting. The second group is anyone who's just begun to take the leap to start their own business, non-profit, or project, and still want direction, guidance and encouragement on how to actually get traction, get attention, get noticed, and get clients, customers or fans. Both groups are encouraged to join us!


2. How long is it? 

You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts: Freedom Subscription is a limited-edition subscription that lasts 30 days. You will get a new installment delivered to your inbox daily during those 30 days. Each one will be clearly labeled with a number so if you fall behind, you can go through the concepts in order. 


3. How is it delivered?

Via everyone's favorite medium, email. It's a private gift from my heart, mind and experience, directly to you. 


4. Help! The installments aren't arriving to my inbox.

Definitely check the Promotions tab if you're using Gmail - the first installment may be there, and then you can drag it into your primary box so you can make sure you don't miss a beat. Otherwise, check the good ol' spam folder and make sure you clearly mark the email, "Not spam." :) If you have any other issues, feel free to email us at sayhello@houseofmoxieinc.com!




1. What's the difference between Brandgasm 101 and the Original TMFproject Copywriting Workshop? 

Lots! Here's the (heaping ice cream) scoop:

  • Brandgasm 101 is our best-selling kit and consists of 50% here's-how-you-design-stunning-professional-graphics-for-your-blog-all-by-yourself (look at you go)and 50% here-are-THE-quick-and-dirty-secrets-to-amp-your-copy-so-you-never-get-looked-over-ever-again. The focus is on supplying user friendly design & copy templates for anyone who needs to get to the point, fast. We based Brandgasm on ease, practicality + sheer gorgeous results. You don't want to spend hours learning; you just want to get the goods. 

  • The Original TMFproject Copywriting Workshop is our signature audio/video class on the basics & foundations of brilliant writing, and is set up to be taken like you would a six-week college course. There are six video lectures that are each 2-3 hours long, and walk you through all of the lessons and examples on the screen.


2. What if I’m not a creative person?

That’s okay! While creativity is a nice asset, this course is specifically for people who aren’t necessarily creative–but need their marketing materials to make a killer first impression. Particularly when you might not always have access to a designer or copywriter. Because even if it’s just a little PDF, it matters. And people are deciding if they’re going to do business with you–or not–based on how they perceive you. Let’s make sure you get perceived the way you deserve. Creativity aside.


3. What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be taken to a screen that confirms your purchase and will give you instructions on how to download your materials. Then, you’ll promptly receive your registration welcome email that will reiterate your instructions. Please note: it can take 1-2 hours for the email to arrive in your inbox, so hold tight! If you don’t get the email or any instructions, please email us at help[@]brandgasm101.com.


4. Can I pay in installments?

At this time, we are not offering installment pricing.


5. Is this a live course?

No, this is a self-study, do it at your own pace, course. Once you purchase, you will have access to all the materials and you can work at whatever pace you wish. The only “live” aspect of the course is the Facebook group that you are welcome to participate in.


6. Will I have access to the Brandgasm 101 Facebook group?

Yep! As part of the self-study course, you’ll be given access to the peer-to-peer Facebook group. Once you purchase, you’ll get a link to the Facebook group, then you need to request access. Within 24-48 hours, you’ll be given access and can start sharing and networking with your peers! (Note: Jamie + Ash will not be involved in the Facebook group… it is a place to support and share with your peers.)


7. Will I need Photoshop for the design portion?

Yes, and if you’re not familiar with any other program, then you should familiarize yourself with Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard for graphic designers and all of the Brandgasm 101 tutorials will be taught using screenshots and step-by-step instructions from Photoshop CS6. You can use a program like Gimp if you’d like, but it is up to you to apply the lessons you learn in the course to your own program, since our course will be taught in Photoshop CS6. You can download a free 30 day trial of Photoshop at Adobe. Additionally, you can purchase Photoshop as a one year commitment for $19.99/month. You pay monthly for it, but must commit to the full year to get it for $19.99/month. Additionally, you can pay $29.99 per month without any commitment. You may also purchase Photoshop outright for $699. All of this information and more is on the Adobe website.


8. What if I’ve never used Photoshop?

That’s okay! Ash hasn’t either, and she’ll be taking the design portion of the class with you herself! You’ll be receiving a preparation kit immediately following registration specifically aimed at helping you get up to speed on the basics, so you can familiarize yourself with the program a little bit, and that way we’ll all start on the same page. Don’t worry–we won’t make it overly complicated. The idea here is DIY. And in order for that to be effective, we’re teaching you the easy breezy (read: smart) way to make things look professional.


9. But digging into the details, EXACTLY how is this different from the TMFproject self-study copywriting course?

In a lot of ways.

a) Brandgasm 101 is designed explicitly to teach you specifically how to create the immediate marketing materials you need most–product and service naming; taglines + teaser copy; writing yes-I-need-that sales pages (including headlines, calls to action, and how to get people to keep reading); social media profiles that get likes, follows and clicks; elevator pitches, book hooks, and more–so it’s quicker, punchier, and more to-the-point.

b) It isn’t all video-based like the regular copywriting workshop. (Read: Much less time-consuming. We want this to be easy-to-grasp, actionable tutorial style–not lecture style.)

c) You don’t just get fun, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth training on writing your marketing materials, but designing them, too. Because you shouldn’t have to wait a month for your designer to be available in order to make things happen. So now you’ll be able to easily create your own custom product badges, fancy “buy now” buttons, PDFs (think contracts and eBooks), Twitter backgrounds, web banners, blog headers, and more–without having any prior knowledge of design. This is something I could never offer you myself, and it’s certainly worth it alone.

d) You’ll also get to join our one-of-a-kind share and support group, where you can get ideas, network with other players in your industry (and others!), ask for feedback, get questions answered, and not do this sh*t alone.

The main difference, in a nutshell:

It depends on your goals – the copywriting course is more comprehensive for those who really want to get deep with their copywriting skills, and also offers a bonus 2 weeks for anyone aspiring to be a copywriter, teaching you how to run the business. That said, the self-study IS video-based. (We do a live version once a year or so, so the videos are from this past year’s class. 

Brandgasm, on the other hand, isn’t as comprehensive in terms of the psychology and principles, etc. but it’s much more actionable. It’s focused on immediately providing you with quick and easy strategies, frameworks and formulas that you can plug and play and reference anytime you need to, say, create new teaser copy. And then, of course, the other half of the course is all design, which is an incredible benefit–and something you’d normally have to take an entirely different class on. 


10. Does this include instruction on web development?

While this is a DIY design & copywriting class, it doesn’t include instruction on web development. Why? Because the materials you’ll be learning to design are meant to be easy to implement into your website without HTML and CSS knowledge. Most WordPress themes make it easy to upload a header, for example, amd all of your badges and buttons can be uploaded within the content area of your pages and posts as simple images. If you’re interested in learning more about HTML and CSS, there are some fantastic workshops available that you can take in addition to Brandgasm 101. However, as industry leaders, we know that design is more expensive than development, especially if you want to continually update your materials. As we see it, design is the first step and we want to give you the tools to craft your brand. Additionally, there are plenty of WordPress themes that offer robust customization opportunities, such as Thesis and Genesis, to name a couple at the top of the field. If you use either of these themes, Shatterboxx would be happy to give you a discount on uploading and implementing your design once the course is complete. Then, for sales pages, we recommend using Premise, which allows you to add your own graphics (the ones you make with Brandgasm 101)! There are plenty of ways to easily implement the designs and copy you create with our course without needing a development team behind you, we promise. :)


11. What’s the format like?

Think short ‘n snappy, step-by-step, actionable tutorial style. A hybrid of punchy screencasts, step-by-step screenshots, and easy-to-follow written instructions.


12. How much time will this take each week?

Each week’s learning materials should take you about 2 hours to go through, but like we’ve said, you can absolutely go at your own pace!


13. Will I get access to all of the learning materials at once?

Yep! You’ll be taken to a page where you can download all of your materials. The materials are yours FOREVER. Yes, FOREVER!


14. Is this going to be fun, useful, and the best investment I’ll make all year? 

You can bet your business on it.