Half Day Creative Brainstorming Sessions with Ash Ambirge

Full-Day Intensive Consulting & Copywriting Sessions with Ash Ambirge




Creativity falling flat? 
Can't think of an original name to save your life?
Hate your website copy & need an expert pair of eyes? 
Want someone to help walk you through your brand messaging strategy? 
Need help planning your big 2015 launch? 
Want my help with your sales page? 



You need a full day creative brainstorming & strategic consulting intensive with Ash Ambirge to help you go big in 2015. 



Full day creative brainstorming & strategic consulting intensives are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and designed to give you a fun & exciting new (affordable) way for us to work together, rent my expertise & creative brain for a day, and receive my best branding advice, business guidance or copywriting chops for your business...without having to wait on a waiting list for a year (we just wrapped up folks on our list waiting since 2013, those patient Patty's), or pay our full engagement fees of up to $10,000+ for a typical project. 

Get an expert opinion on that thing that's been driving you crazy (should you or shouldn't you? this price or that one? how should I present this? does this represent my brand the way I want it to?), tap into a fountain of creative new ideas, give your copy a much-needed day at the spa (which is obviously European in this metaphor), & prime yourself for your most profitable year yet...while having a blast. This is YOUR day. And you deserve to have some fun with your business, for once, instead of dreading it. 


Intensive Structure:

  • Initial Phone Briefing: We'll get on the phone for 30-60 minutes at 9am CST the morning of, where you'll help me understand how I can best help you, and answer any questions I have surrounding your target market, your product, your service and maybe even your favorite brand of tuna fish. Then, we'll exchange air kisses (and/or mean, grizzly high fives), and I'll be on my way to pair your business & my brain for a day at the creativity spa.

     *Start & end time can be adjusted for clients in challenging time zones, per your request. Book the day you'd like to hold, and then send us an email to jessica@houseofmoxieinc.com.  

  • Creative Brainstorming & Strategic Consultation: I'll retreat to my cave, and spend the day working on your behalf to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts, solve problems, or write copy exclusively for you, and by 5pm CST, send you one big digital package containing deliverables, strategies & recommendations going forward. (My words tend to be highly flammable. Do not open digital package near open flame.) Like anything, brilliance takes hard thought & plenty of time, so unless it's necessary to get on the phone again, I'll spend the full number of hours dedicating my energy to creating the most useful, smart, creative & effective strategy & deliverables for your business. 


Full Day Intensives Are Perfect for Accommodating:  

  • Brand & product name brainstorming
  • Tagline creation
  • Sales page editing
  • Sales page draft development 
  • Web copy critiques & editing
  • Up to 2-3 pages of web copy drafting
  • Creative marketing campaign idea generation
  • Collaborative problem solving 
  • Fresh eyes & approach 
  • Launch plan reviews 
  • Incredibly opinionated opinions
  • Tough love & sarcasm (because, sarcasm)
  • At least one bad joke (or more, but no promises)
  • In sum, this is for you to rent my expertise for a day, and tap into my brain how you see fit


 Not Perfect For: 

  • Angry people
  • Golden Girls Haters 


Big Print That Is Not at All Fine:

  • Need more? You can book two full day intensives back-to-back, or separately. If the dates you need are not available, contact jessica@houseofmoxieinc.com and we'll make special arrangements. Which sort of makes this feel like a secret underground operation. 
  • Full day intensives cost $1,999.00 USD, payable in full in advance to reserve your date. 
  • If something comes up and you need to cancel, you can. We'll refund you 100% if you need to cancel one week prior to your intensive date. Cancellations made within one week of your session will be refunded in full with a $500 kill fee. 
  • Reserve your full day intensive by checking available dates and booking on the calendar below. (That's right. Organization.)


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